Necessity is the mother of Invention.  We stumbled during the US Economic Crisis of 2008.  Everyone was simply not spending and it seemed very difficult to serve authentic Greek food.  In our back yard though rested a brick oven which turned out to be one of thet keys moving to the future.  Iossif Marios Gressis saw wood-fired brick oven pizzas and with the help of his friend Kevin Tomasky, they installed the brick oven right inside Ouzos.

The Brick Oven Pizzas concept was a success.  Kids loved the pizzas while the parents enjoyed the Greek food.  We held a pizza competition where the Tonae Tononi Pizza won and is still on the menu today.  Over the years we refined the dough into what it is today, the best pizza dough for Brick Oven Pizzas in La Plata, MD.