Ouzo’s Greek and Regional Cuisine is born

In 2002 the Gressis family, Joe, Dennis, Asimina, Petros, and Stella opened Ouzo’s, introducing to small town La Plata MD, its very first authentic Greek restaurant.
Prior to Ouzos, the Gressis family were involved in the food industry by attending carnival events, cooking privately for families, or running the summer snack bar at Smallwood Village pool.



Through hard work from the entire family, Ouzo’s was thriving.  The cuisine, the service, and the cozy family atmosphere attracted the locals and visitors alike.  Ouzos expanded by taking over the adjacent space, adding a stage for live entertainment, more kitchen space and of course more space for the guests.


Ouzos Brick Oven, The Original OBO

The Gressis Family ventures onto the pizza scene! The US world wide financial crisis in 2008 hit the family business hard.  Momma G, found a Brick Oven at an auction for $150 and her son Iossif Gressis brought it to life at Ouzos, burgeoning a new era of wood-fired brick oven pizzas to La Plata.


Galazio Restaurant

We changed our location to the vacant La Plata Pizza Hut buildingand remodeld. Ouzo’s Greek and Regional Cuisine was rebranded as Galazio Restaurant.

July 2022

Galazio of Albion

Sean Hare, a long time employee of Galalazio Restaurant with big ambitions to open his own restaurant following the Galazio theme, opens in Albion Michigan.