Education Turned Business Owner; Second Sons

Now that the website is in a much more functional state, I intend on continuing to update you through regular postings.  When I returned back to the USA from overseas to support my families restaurant, this was the very first post I made.  I’ll copy it below:

“Education Turned Business Owner; Second Sons (June 12, 2021)

Never did I think I would play a central role with the ownership of Galazio Restaurant.  All of my life Galazio and formerly Ouzo’s was a place I always supported.  Even when Joe built the OBO pizza’s I was there to support and help, but never was I the center of it.

My center was Education.  I followed my Father’s footsteps and interest in Mathematics, and I eventually earned my Degree.  I taught in Charles County Public schools for ten years, but then I decided to teach abroad, first in Asia, then in Europe and I absolutely loved it!  I was abroad for only 5 years until my Brother’s passing put all of my overseas ventures to a halt, which then the only choice for me, the second son, was to return and help the family.

So here I am leading Galazio Restaurant.  Luckily I have always been involved in the food industry, so I am not going in blind.  I have a love for food that well exceeded my Brother’s.  At least having a love for food is a necessity in the food industry.  My Brother had a passion for business and a passion for helping the community.  Those areas are perhaps where the most ‘opportunity for growth’ exists for me.  Galazio Restaurant, the foods, the atmosphere, my Brother’s vision, are all very familiar to me so I know how to continue them.  For now, everything I did as support has carried me well through this journey.  However I do have visions where Galazio can expand and I intend to achieve them.”