Thanksgiving 2023

Since 2015, Galazio Restaurant has been dedicated to the tradition of giving back by providing 100% authentic Thanksgiving meals to everyone and anyone in the community. Donations are appreciated to support this event and will enable us to provide a bountiful meal for the community on Thanksgiving Day. Your contribution, no matter the size, will help us carry on this meaningful tradition and spread warmth and happiness to the community of Charles County.

The owners and with volunteer support plan on hosting Thanksgiving at Galazio Restaurant. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN for a traditional family/Thanksgiving meal Thursday, 23, 2023! No one deserves loneliness during this time of year so the restaurant will keep its doors open for anyone who wants a Traditional Thanksgiving meal. Traditional Thanksgiving foods will be served at the restaurant from 10:30 until 3:30PM or until we run out whichever comes first!

We have already received several requests for volunteering. We will communicate by the beginning of November with further details.

We will be serving traditional Thanksgiving meals inside the dining area. Remember all are welcome!

Past Thanksgiving Events at Galazio Restaurant

2015 Thanksgiving

Our very first Thanksgiving event at Galazio Restaurant.
~SOMD News

2017 Thanksgiving

“Let’s Make Thanksgiving a happy day for everyone!”
~Channel 7 ABC

Proclamation 2017

Third Annual Thanksgiving Proclamation from Charles County Commisioners
~SOMD Chronicle

2017 Thanksgiving

A place for all Thanksgiving Orphans.
~NBC4 Washington